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back injury

As a personal injury lawyer, much of the time I spend on cases is on putting things into context. You see, life isn’t perfect, and people aren’t perfect. It stands to reason then that cases involving people, which come out of life aren’t perfect either.

Most people over the age of 35 have some level of pre-existing degeneration in their spine. Most people have been to the doctor before and have had an injury or two, or four or five. Many people have seen a chiropractor for an adjustment, or perhaps even for some intermittent back or neck pain. Some level of pain comes from aging, a life of hard work as a contractor or welder, or just the natural wear and tear of life.

These are the imperfections insurance companies love to exploit. They hire defense lawyers and defense doctors who take imperfections out of context or make them appear bigger than they really are in order to confuse the jury or convince us that Jane’s injuries really aren’t as bad as she and her own doctors say they are.

Insurance companies and their lawyers celebrate when they get away with this kind of manipulation and deception without any regard for the profound impact the injuries have had and will continue to have on Jane’s life, caused by the driver the insurance company covers.

It is the personal injury lawyer’s job to fight against this type of injustice. Yes, cases are imperfect, but people deserve to have their story told honestly, completely, and in the proper context.

If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, don’t let the insurance company tell your story. Talk with a personal injury lawyer at Bailey | Stock | Harmon | Cottam | Lopez LLP who understands the true value of your life and your claim, and who can present that to the jury. Contact us today for a free consultation by calling (307) 222-4932.