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Celebrating Excellence in Legal Practice: Attorneys Ronnie Lopez, Dale Cottam, and Doug Bailey Recognized as Super Lawyers


We are thrilled to announce that three exceptional attorneys at Bailey | Stock | Harmon | Cottam | Lopez LLP have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the legal profession. Their dedication to excellence, commitment to clients, and passion for justice have earned them prestigious accolades in their respective areas of expertise.

Ronnie Lopez: Super Lawyer in Business/Corporate Law

Attorney Ronnie Lopez has once again proven his prowess in the field of Business and Corporate law by being recognized as a Super Lawyer. This prestigious title is a testament to his extensive knowledge of business practices, sharp legal acumen, and ability to navigate complex corporate matters. Ronnie's dedication to providing practical and effective solutions has earned him the trust of numerous clients and peers alike.

Congratulations to Ronnie Lopez for this well-deserved recognition!

Dale Cottam: Super Lawyer in Real Estate Law

With an unwavering focus on Real Estate law, Attorney Dale Cottam has demonstrated exceptional skill and expertise in handling various real estate transactions and disputes. As a Super Lawyer in Real Estate Law, Dale's attention to detail, comprehensive understanding of property matters, and client-oriented approach have set him apart in the legal community.

We congratulate Dale Cottam on this remarkable achievement!

Doug Bailey: Rising Star in Plaintiff's Personal Injury Law

The Super Lawyer Rising Star distinction is a prestigious honor bestowed upon young attorneys with tremendous potential and early success in their respective fields. Attorney Doug Bailey's dedication to seeking justice for plaintiffs in Personal Injury cases has earned him this well-deserved recognition. His compassionate approach towards clients, combined with tenacious advocacy in the courtroom, showcases the qualities of an outstanding lawyer. Congratulations to Doug Bailey for being recognized as a Rising Star in Plaintiff's Personal Injury Law!

At Bailey | Stock | Harmon | Cottam | Lopez LLP, we take immense pride in having such accomplished and dedicated legal professionals as part of our team. As we celebrate their success, we remain resolute in our pursuit of excellence and justice for all our clients.

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