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New Office Opened in Afton, WY
New Office Opened in Afton, WY

Bailey Stock Harmon Cottam Lopez LLP Law Group Opens New Office in Afton, WY.

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  • Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

    You were in a car wreck two weeks ago, t-boned by a young lady who missed a stop sign at the intersection. You didn’t break any bones but your neck ...

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  • Top 5 Things To Do (and not do) After a Car Accident

    A friend of mine was in a car accident last week. He was driving down one of the busier streets in town, a straight road with businesses on both ...

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  • Don't Wait to Get Treatment After Your Car Accident

    Most people are pretty tough. Most are also careful with their money. If you’re sick or injured, you’re probably going to try to get better on your ...

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  • Celebrating 40 Years in the Practice of Law

    As a kid, Hank Bailey dreamed of being the next Bill Russell, Sam Jones, or John Havlicek. He was one of the stars on Cheyenne East High’s celebrated ...

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  • Spring Snow and Semi-Trucks

    Spring Snow It’s March 28 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and the snowflakes are falling fat and fast. It’s wet snow, so it’ll accumulate quickly in the grass ...

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  • Trucking Accidents

    Two Massive Pile-Ups In the spring of 2015, Wyoming saw two of the biggest highway pile-ups in its history. One happened in mid-April during one of ...

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  • Becoming Whole After Your Personal Injury

    Tim Ferriss is the author of three bestselling books, one of which revolutionized the way many people -- especially millennials -- see the typical ...

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