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Wyoming Snowed In by Powerful Blizzard: Stay Off the Road to Stay Safe
Wyoming Snowed In by Powerful Blizzard: Stay Off the Road to Stay Safe

A late-winter blizzard has swept over much of Colorado and Wyoming. Thousands of people were left without power as the heavy storm threw down snow and gusted with strong winds. Schools and government offices have been shut down in the midst of the blizzard, and authorities ...

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    You were in a car wreck two weeks ago, t-boned by a young lady who missed a stop sign at the intersection. You didn’t break any bones but your neck ...

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  • Top 5 Things To Do (and not do) After a Car Accident

    A friend of mine was in a car accident last week. He was driving down one of the busier streets in town, a straight road with businesses on both ...

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  • Don't Wait to Get Treatment After Your Car Accident

    Most people are pretty tough. Most are also careful with their money. If you’re sick or injured, you’re probably going to try to get better on your ...

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  • 4 Tips to Document an Automobile Accident From the Palm of Your Hand

    Back in 1999 -- when NSync was still a thing and people used house phones -- documenting your car accident and injuries took luck and effort. In 2017, ...

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  • Why You Might Want to Ride in an Ambulance.

    Fortunately, few car accidents result in broken bones, lacerations, or unconsciousness. When they do, an ambulance is called and the injured person is ...

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  • 7 Factors That Can Increase the Value of Your Car Accident Claim

    Last week, I wrote about a typical car accident and the headaches you might have to endure to get your claim settled with the responsible driver’s ...

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