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Maximizing Your Compensation: The Indispensable Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Car Accident Cases

Car accident

The beginning of 2024 has already brought substantial settlements for our clients, with multiple car accident cases settling for policy limits on the eve of trial. Another case settled for nearly a million dollars without the need for a trial.

In one of the cases, State Farm attempted to deny liability because their driver was not issued a citation at the scene of the crash. They refused to make an offer to our client, so he hired us to represent him. State Farm continued to be obstinate after we were hired, so we filed a lawsuit. After pursuing the case through litigation, State Farm finally offered policy limits of $50,000.

In another case, our client suffered a herniated disc and a head injury in a crash that was obviously the other driver’s fault. Again, the driver was not issued a citation, so State Farm denied liability. They offered our client $37,000 to settle the claim, which was nowhere near fair. After we were hired, State Farm continued with its shenanigans. We had to file a lawsuit, litigate, and prepare for a trial. One week before we were set to go before a jury, State Farm settled for policy limits of $250,000.

Finally, in a rear-ender that resulted in multiple herniated discs and a spinal surgery, an insurance company offered only $50,000 to settle. They claimed our client had “pre-existing conditions,” and that she would have needed a surgery anyway. After we became involved in the case and enlisted the expertise of a spinal surgeon and a rehabilitation expert, the insurance company settled for $875,000.

These cases underscore the vital role a personal injury lawyer plays in advocating for clients and maximizing their compensation. Below are ways in which our expertise added significant value to these cases and why having legal representation is crucial for anyone navigating the complex terrain of car accident claims.

1. Expertise in Navigating Liability Disputes:

Some of the cases we handled this month involved disputed liability, where insurance companies sought to shift blame onto our clients. Our extensive legal knowledge and experience enabled us to skillfully counter these arguments, presenting evidence and crafting persuasive narratives to establish our clients' innocence. This resulted in favorable settlements that might not have been achievable without legal representation.

2. Uncovering the True Worth of a Claim:

In several instances, prior to our involvement, insurance companies offered clients a fraction of what their cases were truly worth. Our team conducted thorough investigations, gathering evidence, consulting with experts, and building compelling cases that accurately reflected the extent of our clients' losses. By negotiating from a position of strength, we were able to secure settlements that far exceeded the initial inadequate offers.

3. Skilled Negotiation Tactics:

Negotiating with insurance companies can be a challenging and nuanced process. Our team's experience in handling countless personal injury cases allowed us to employ effective negotiation tactics, leveraging our understanding of the law and the unique aspects of each case. This resulted in optimal outcomes for our clients, saving them from the stress and uncertainty of a protracted legal battle.

4. Avoiding the Trial Process:

One of the most significant achievements this month was settling a case for nearly a million dollars without the need for a trial. Our strategic approach to negotiations and thorough case preparation allowed us to secure the settlement, sparing our client the time, expense, and emotional toll associated with going to trial.

5. The Cost-Effective Choice:

Some individuals may hesitate to hire a personal injury lawyer, fearing high legal fees. However, the added value we bring to a case often far surpasses our fees. By securing higher settlements and avoiding unnecessary legal battles, we ultimately save our clients money while ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve.


The success we've achieved this month highlights the indispensable role of a personal injury lawyer in car accident cases. From navigating liability disputes to maximizing compensation and avoiding trials, our expertise adds immense value to our clients' claims. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, don't underestimate the importance of legal representation – it can make all the difference in securing the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Doug Bailey at Bailey | Stock | Harmon | Cottam | Lopez LLP specializes in personal injury cases in Wyoming and Colorado. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your case and learn more about your options for seeking the compensation you deserve.

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