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What You Didn't Know About Our Attorneys - Ronnie Lopez


Ronnie Lopez of BSHC Law Group. “Performance, not promises”

Q: What's the best meal you've ever had?

A: Japanese is my favorite food; however, my favorite meal was probably a poblano chicken dish at Paloma Blanca in San Antonio, Texas.

Q: What is your favorite family tradition?

A: I love spending time with my kids and doing things such as family movie nights – but as for traditions, it is probably the kids all gathering together Christmas morning before going to see what Santa brought. The excitement and childhood joy is second to none.

Q: I see you work with the Boys and Girls Club of Cheyenne. What has been most gratifying from that experience?

A: The opportunity to be involved in making a difference with the children in our community. My dad benefitted greatly from the Boys & Girls Club where he grew up and the chance to be involved in making a similar difference for children in Cheyenne is something I could not pass up.

Q: What drew you to a career in law?

A: There were several considerations. One significant aspect was helping people navigate the legal system that at times can be complicated and cumbersome. Another was the well-rounded education and intellectual growth that accompanies law school and a legal career.

Q: What is most rewarding about it so far?

A: I take pride in helping others through problems they cannot handle themselves. It is not uncommon to assist those that are at a low point in life and are in desperate need of help. To provide guidance, counsel, and support through life's biggest challenges is something very worthwhile and rewarding.

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