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How Walkers, Joggers, and Bicyclists Can Avoid Accidents


Many people come to the Mountain West for the beautiful outdoors and open spaces. Denver, Fort Collins, Wellington, Cheyenne, Laramie, and other towns in Colorado and Wyoming are thoroughly criss-crossed with hiking, biking, walking, and running trails. When you add all these trails to the increasing number of health-conscious citizens with Fitbits and Apple Watches, you increase the amount of people travelling outside of a vehicle.

Of course, gadgets also increase the level of distraction on the roads and trails, which has led to an increase in accidents. As dangerous as car accidents can be, they’re even more dangerous when a walker, jogger, or bicyclist is involved. Over 70% of pedestrian-car accidents result in serious injury, whereas less than half of car accidents result in any injury at all.

The takeaway? Be alert and consider all the ways you, as a non-driver, you can avoid an accident. While the rules of the road differ slightly for bicyclists than for runners and walkers, the following are obvious suggestions that apply across the board:

1. Wear reflective clothing.

2. Use designated crosswalks.

3. Use designated sidewalks or bike lanes.

4. Avoid distractions that take your attention off the road. You might even consider leaving your earbuds at home.

Although taking these steps will enhance your safety, there’s no guarantee. You simply can’t force a driver to come to a complete stop, to look both ways, and to ignore a buzzing cell phone.

If you or someone you know has been injured as a walker, jogger, or bicyclist, contact a personal injury attorney. We can help collect the medical and non-medical expenses incurred and save you the headache of ensuring the insurance company is paying you what you are due.

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