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Attorney Doug Bailey Continues Fight for Veterans in 3M Earplugs Cases

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Attorney Doug Bailey has been at the forefront of the legal battle against 3M Company on behalf of veterans who suffered hearing loss or tinnitus due to the company's faulty earplugs. In recent developments, Lead Counsel in the Multi-District Litigation (MDL) has filed a motion to reinstitute mediation.

After an impasse was declared in January 2023, mediation proceedings were terminated. However, with the Court leaving the door open for resolution assistance, Lead Counsel is hoping that more mediation will move things forward or even bear fruit for the hundreds of thousands of plaintiffs.

As the fight continues, Doug is committed to pursuing justice for those affected by the 3M earplugs. If you are a servicemember who suffered hearing loss or tinnitus and have not filed a claim, it's crucial to contact a lawyer involved in the 3M MDL. Call Bailey | Stock | Harmon | Cottam | Lopez LLP today at (307) 222-4932.