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Wyoming Snowed In by Powerful Blizzard: Stay Off the Road to Stay Safe

A car driving on an empty snow covered road

A late-winter blizzard has swept over much of Colorado and Wyoming. Thousands of people were left without power as the heavy storm threw down snow and gusted with strong winds. Schools and government offices have been shut down in the midst of the blizzard, and authorities are urging people to stay off the roads.

Throughout Wyoming, highways have been shut down by the government due to extreme snowy conditions. Some areas have seen snow drifts beside and atop the road as tall as a single-story house. Governor Mark Gordon has urged people to stay in their homes and not drive for any reason. Even if people were to go out on the road during the blizzard, many would likely find their routes unusable due to the road shutdowns.

At this time, city officials are focusing snowplow and salting efforts on major avenues, especially those considered as school routes. Staying off the roads is all the more important, as to allow snowplow drivers to do their jobs unhindered. Otherwise, a passenger vehicles that get stuck in the snow could feasibly block snowplows and slow the clearing effort. Forecasts remain unpredictable, and so the blizzard could stay strong in the region into the weekend. Be safe, stay indoors for as long as you can, and tune into government broadcasts for updates about road closures.

(For more information about the ongoing blizzard and the road closures it is causing, you can click here to view a full article from the Casper Star Tribune.)

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